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In difficult economic times, often the only time when an employee can expect to receive a change in wages or pay scale is at a performance review. Usually once or twice a year, when management sits down with staff and discusses milestones, successes, achievements as well as gaps in performance throughout the previous year.  A good review is a reflection of success, and can mean more responsibility and money for an employee. A substandard or poor review can be indicative of many things, and most importantly can result in no raise or increase in pay scale.

It’s important for both participants in the review process to come prepared, and be able to offer suggestions to address any gaps identified.

Injecting the notion of training, its benefits, and their effect on outcomes, is an important career enhancer in an employee’s job that can be identified and quantified. If you are sitting in your performance review meeting and your manager identifies gaps and failures, you may want to consider delicately referring to the training, or lack thereof, you received. This can be a great way to counter management expectations and enable you to answer negatives with a constructive point. Being prepared to mention courses you’ve identified as being useful, and that can assist in the strengthening of your job performance is an effective and constructive way to offset any negativity around gaps that are mentioned.

Successes in the workplace safety training are often a function of a properly deployed and measured training initiative; and failures are can be the result of just the opposite, a poorly delivered and carelessly evaluated training plan.

A Learning Management System that is easily deployed goes a long way to bridge any gaps in a training initiative, and is a perfect solution for this. Filled with robust tools to distribute private training, and a marketplace filled with relevant courses, Coggno’s learning management system can be a great partner in advancing your career, navigating a prickly performance review, and prepare you to meet the challenges at work.

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