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Words of Wisdom: Parental Learning Content To this day, my mother can always be counted on for her sayings, or self-coined “corny clichés.” But if her children were to be honest with ourselves, we would all admit that when delivered at the right moment, we liked her metaphors and stock phrases.

Growing up, our first experiences with learning content are from parents. Some important lessons stick with us long-term, while other learning content is lost. Parents’ words of wisdom take all kinds of forms–from the humble saying to hour-long lectures and dialogues.

As an adult, I still depend on my mother for her advice. When a corny cliché slips in, I don’t mind. To someone whose college learning content focused on language and culture, these figures of speech are intriguing. But also, if I’m honest with myself, I still need to hear things like “The early bird gets the worm.”


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