Wireless eBook Reader for Online Courseware

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Wireless eBook Reader for Online CoursewareOne essential eBook reader feature that goes especially well with online courseware users is a built-in wireless connection. For example, Kindle’s wi-fi access makes buying and reading books simple and convenient.

EBook Readers with wireless technologies allow content to be loaded faster, an important feature for online courseware users with busy lives. Knowledge Center analyst J. Gerry Purdy predicts that the future eBook reader will have multiple wireless technologies, like Wi-Fi and cellular capabilities, as well as wireless wide area networking (3G and WiMax).

But let’s not forget some very practical features. Besides having indoor and outdoor screen readability, eBook readers of the future should have a nice long battery life. What’s portability if you need to constantly recharge? Pages that are easy to turn are also important. And for online courseware users who stay up studying at night, a back-lit screen is a must.


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