Web 2.0 Learning System Safety for Youngsters, Pt. 2

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Because of the hazards involved with including Web 2.0 technologies in many LMS and classroom learning systems, educators who want to use them must take extra precautions.  It is their duty to supervise the use of these technologies to ensure that students are staying on track with the learning system activity.

Of course, many wonder whether or not this is a realistic expectation. Can educators realistically stand guard while students navigate such sites? Sometimes it may be best for educators to do the navigating while students observe.

Educators should discuss with students such issues as predators and cyberbullying, appropriate online behavior, and managing personal information. Products such as Open DNS and Panda Internet Security 2008 with built-in parental controls are also helpful. For more information educators might pick up books such as MySpace Unraveled and Cyber-Safe Kids, Cyber-Savvy Teens: Helping Young People Learning to Use the Internet Safely and Responsibility.


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