Virtues of Speed-Reading Learning Content

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Virtues of Speed-Reading Learning ContentIs speed-reading an actual skill worth learning? Aren’t serious students supposed to pick through learning content with a fine-toothed comb?

Speed-reading is a skill that if taught and practiced well, would benefit all students. Most students simply lack the time (not to mention desire) to digest the volume of learning content material assigned to them. Moreover, the availability of websites like and others that summarize books makes picking up the authentic work at home more and more unlikely. A student who doesn’t love reading might reason, why even touch my copy of Discourse on Inequality when I can have it summarized and even contextualized for me?

Skimming should be taught in schools to empower students to get through learning content on their own. Their opinions, after all, are at least as valuable as the random strangers’ textual interpretations available online.

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