Using the Coggno LMS to Learn French

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Coggno Inc.

Let’s say you were traveling to France on vacation, or you want to learn French well enough to read it because you like to read literature in its original language, or watch French films in French, or impress a French love interest by reciting some Rimbaud. You want to learn quickly, and you don’t have the time or spare cash to sign up at an academy. Besides, time is money. Enter the Coggno LMS.

Somewhere, a teacher creates a French course and uploads it to the Coggno LMS. S/he uploads various videos and uses the Video tool to incorporate French and English subtitles for you to choose. S/he formulates copious lessons with the Editor and Video tools, and questions with the Question Bank for quizzes. Maybe even review games!

Voilà: everything you need in one Learning Management System.

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