University Students’ Expectations of Teacher Use of an LMS, Pt. 5

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University Students' Expectations of Teacher Use of an LMS, Pt. 5The main issue seems to be, then, that educators need to become engaged. So how do we get teachers engaged? While many educators desire one-on-one help with an instructor that can teach them how to gain easy access to instructional design principles, as well as examples of how the LMS can be used effectively and educationally, other educators are against workshops. The latter also lack the time to attend such courses. And while project-based staff development has led to great results in the past, it is often not sustainable for long periods of time.

Teachers’ favorite methods for learning how to handle an LMS include teaching and learning showcases with browsable ideas in discipline-specific categories. Also, brief video clips that present single teaching points on LMSs in 5-minute videos available on the internet, e.g. YouTube.

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