University Students’ Expectations of Teacher Use of an LMS, Pt. 4

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 University Students' Expectations of Teacher Use of an LMS, Pt. 4New and upcoming generations of students demand more and more the implementation of tools such as an LMS in their everyday coursework in their schools, maybe particularly universities. It becomes, then, rather imperative for institutional teaching staff to be sufficiently trained to use LMS tools to their full potential, and so they can apply them to every class they teach.

Students expectations are not outrageous: students don’t expect for teachers to be as fully knowledgeable about technology as they are. Learners simply ask for consistent quality—of learning and of teaching—using an LMS (which they find easy to use). Learners are interested and engaged. It is time to get teachers to reach students’ level of engagement, to keep education growing more creative and interactive as time goes on.

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