University Students’ Expectations of Teacher Use of an LMS, Pt. 1

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Univ Students' Opinions on LMS UseA survey conducted at an Australian university in Oct. 2006 looked to get student feedback on present and future IT services and the e-learning available. In particular, the university desired students’ opinions on how teachers were using the LMS (at that time the Blackboard 6.3 LMS).

The overall feeling expressed by these university students by 2005 was that they didn’t think teachers were using the Bb LMS to its full potential. An example being that, while students were excited by the possibility of utilizing online discussion forums, the quality of use of these forums was contingent on the teachers’ efforts. Also very important, it was noted that students were concerned with how well these teachers knew how to take advantage of the LMS features. It seemed lecturers didn’t know how to use the system effectively.

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