Tough Times Mean New Opportunities, Tools for Companies with LMS and E-Learning Technologies

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It’s the natural law that many organizations considering a learning management system to deliver training are still digesting and trying to overcome as the recession worsens: Tough times = tough clients.

But for companies seeking an edge in the competitive market created by the recession, online corporate training can help tremendously with everything from cutting costs to training employees to be more professional and efficient.

Training program developers are using all the available on e-learning platforms like Coggno–and an increasing number of these tools are applications offered by e-learning platforms.

Applications exchange partnerships help courseware creation toolkit providers help organizations create more feature-rich and low-cost training. On Coggno’s LMS, Blueberry Software screen capture software is one such app that now integrates seamlessly with the Coggno learning management system.

Course creators who use BB FlashBack 2.6 to make screen recordings can now integrate the recordings with their curriculum, using Coggno’s simple course creation tools, and then deliver training through Coggno’s LMS. The combination of Coggno’s tools and Blueberry 2.6 offers a more versatile and multimedia learning experience for trainees.

As an e-learning course creator, BB FlashBack allows you to record everything you see on your PC screen. It also records your commentary, PC sounds and webcam as picture-in-picture video to give your course content a personal touch. You are able to make a personal appearance in your own course, providing demos and tutorials to students. With BB FlashBack’s user-friendly design and quick, automated recording steps, users are able to transform course content into a richer, more dynamic experience and give courses a more professional touch.

Using BB FlashBack, you have total control over what students view, so there’s no need to rely on stock simulations or outdated demo in a training program. You yourself create, edit and apply it to your e-learning course. And employing Coggno’s LMS which includes a text editor, SCORM publisher, question banking, video tool, audio tool and podcast producer, and assessment and quiz tools, organizations are able to provide feature rich training cost effectively.

BB’s Webcam Recording allows for the user to create his or her own webcam video. Sound recording allows users to read a commentary at the same time as the screen is being recorded, using a microphone, microphone headset or other inexpensive hardware. Movies are able to be saved as Flash, QuickTime (H264), Windows Media Video (WMV), AVI, or EXE. You can easily add text, sound, images, and ‘zoom & pan’ effects. Also, you are able to edit multi track audio and video, side by side.

BB records high frame rate, high quality movies without affecting PC performance–even on lower powered PCs. BB users have successfully recorded large animations with which other screen recorders experienced problems. And BB’s powerful annotation, editing and effects features allow Coggno’s course creators to frame and fashion movies exactly as they want them.

Tough times don’t simply mean tough customers and clients. Tough times are a chance for organizations to renew and improve their training, sales, and other procedures to stay in the race and move ahead.

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