Tips for Devising Effective Courses on our Learning System

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Tips for Devising Effective Training Courses on our Learning SystemAlmost anyone can create an online training course. And with Coggno’s
learning system, even decent online training. But how do you make yours
spectacular in such a competitive professional realm?

They say there is a trick to every trade. Ours is sticking to the following tips.

1) Employ dynamic instructional content by pursuing the ADDIE
(Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) model
of instructional design on our learning system. [It is also known as
ISD (Instructional System Design) and SAT (System Approach to

2) Mind your discourse. Essentially, begin with layman’s terms, or your learners may not be able to keep up.

3) Structure can be as important as content. Put yourself in your
audience’s shoes and organize your course on our learning system
accordingly. Meaning, keep in mind what you want your learners to
accomplish by the end of the course, and exactly how you want them to
get there, starting at the beginning.

They may sound obvious to you, but the mistake of overlooking what lies
conspicuously beneath our noses is ubiquitous. So take extra advantage
of our learning system! Apply these fundamental concepts and reap the
prolific results.

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