Three Domains to Focus on when Training your Salesforce on Customer Service

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Amanda Handugan

You can look and act professionally, but that alone won’t lead to lasting client relationships – customer service is about more than professional conduct. The ultimate goal of good customer service is having satisfied clients, which leads to long-term business opportunities and a good reputation. But, how do you get to that point?

Develop a salesforce that is-

1. Empathic, patient and consistent towards customers, consequently giving everyone the same customer experience. This involves:

• Learning how to identify and leverage off common-ground with customers.
• Following up with customers after a sale to ascertain their level of satisfaction with a product or service, which further builds trust and a good business reputation.

2. Adaptable to different customer types with sound product knowledge to draw from.

• Not all clients will be reasonable and friendly; knowing how to deal with difficult customers is a skill that comes from a theoretical understanding of different customer personalities and a great deal of real-life experience.

3. Attuned to customers’ actual needs.

• Attunement is cultivated by developing the skill of actively listening to customers’ needs – customers would find greater value in purchasing something they find useful than purchasing something that they cannot really use. This skill further enables cross-selling opportunities and assists in building positive relationships by making customers feel heard and considered.

Coggno has selected nine excellent customer service courses to train client-facing employees on building positive client relationships that would yield business success as a consequence, rather than selling purely to meet sales targets:

• Course 1: Making Customers Feel Special
• Course 2: Connecting with Customers
• Course 3: Handling Customer Complaints
• Course 4: Identifying Customers’ Needs
• Course 5: Customer Service Excellence Video Module
• Course 6: How to Maintain Customer Loyalty
• Course 7: Difficult Customer Techniques
• Course 8: Turning Satisfied Customers Into Repeat Customers
• Course 9: Customer Service Skills – How We Can All Improve

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