Three Domains to Focus on when Training your Salesforce on Customer Service

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Janine Ordman

You can look and act professionally, but that alone won’t lead to lasting client relationships – customer service is about more than professional conduct. The ultimate goal of good customer service is having satisfied clients, which leads to long-term business opportunities and a good reputation. But, how do you get to that point?

Salesforce Development

Develop a salesforce that is –

1. Empathic, patient and consistent towards customers, consequently giving everyone the same customer experience. This involves:

• Learning how to identify and leverage off common-ground with customers.
• Following up with customers after a sale to ascertain their level of satisfaction with a product or service, which further builds trust and a good business reputation.

2. Adaptable to different customer types with sound product knowledge to draw from.

• Not all clients will be reasonable and friendly; knowing how to deal with difficult customers is a skill that comes from a theoretical understanding of different customer personalities and a great deal of real-life experience.

3. Attuned to customers’ actual needs.

• Attunement is cultivated by developing the skill of actively listening to customers’ needs – customers would find greater value in purchasing something they find useful than purchasing something that they cannot really use. This skill further enables cross-selling opportunities and assists in building positive relationships by making customers feel heard and considered.

Best-selling Customer Service Courses

Coggno has selected twelve excellent customer service courses to train client-facing employees on building positive client relationships that would yield business success as a consequence, rather than selling purely to meet sales targets:

 Connecting with Customers
Customer Service Basics Course
 Customer Service Essentials Course
 Customer Service Excellence Video Module
 Customer Service Skills – How We Can All Improve
 Delivering Service Excellence Course
 Difficult Customer Techniques
 Handling Customer Complaints
 How to Maintain Customer Loyalty
 Identifying Customers’ Needs
 Making Customers Feel Special
 Turning Satisfied Customers Into Repeat Customers

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