The Shortcomings of Existing LMS Language Courses

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The Shortcomings of Existing LMS Language CoursesHigh school level LMS-hosted language classes are a perfect example of courses leaving something to be desired. 

The Spanish teacher for whom I substitute-taught had taped colorful signs on the walls reminding students about important Spanish rules–which bore no consequence. When the students had questions, I could often refer them to a sign. They would raise their eyes from their computer screens, painfully squinting at the sign in confusion, as if I were asking them to read Chinese with binoculars. 

Colorful signs just can’t substitute actual language practice. As with many kinds of LMS-hosted courses, e-learning works best when supplemented with real practice. But for those using only online language courses, LMS-hosted language programs themselves are still being developed to teach more effectively and comprehensively.

Just remember: a good language program should be as interactive as possible.

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