The Internet as an Interactive Learning System, Pt. 2

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Coggno Inc.

Apart from being able to absorb and access information at one’s own pace, the internet widens the scope of the form, not just the content, of the education involved, and as such it becomes a learning system of a previously nonexistent breed.

Real-time, enriching, and challenging, the internet learning system intensifies and heightens learning through free video conferencing, calls, chats, file sharing, forums, communities, and software to help organize materials. Multimedia and internet based software offers voice narration, full motion videos, animations, and of course text, pictures, and simple sound clips. Moderate sickness no longer precludes people from learning, as all one needs is to sit in front of a computer instead of leaving the house.

This learning system sounds virtually unbeatable, doesn’t it? … If only ISPs were more reliable!

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