The Global Challenge Learning System, Pt. 2

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How does the Global Challenge learning system work? It uses game based learning, simulation, and web-based science resources to create international teams who compete to solve a science-related problem. Students are expected to use their personal initiative and work together in diverse teams to solve problems.

Just like open source learning management systems, the free, open access nature of the Global Challenge learning system makes it possible for all kinds of interested parties to get involved. This includes not only students but parents, homeschooling families, teachers and global community members to get involved in order to help young people with their innovative ideas in conservation, increased productivity and renewable energy.

The project has certainly grown. In its piloting year of 2005 it 13 two-person teams, which were each responsible for finding an adult mentor and two teammates in either China or India. Since then, the Global Challenge has reached over 100,000 people worldwide and engaged over 4000 students from 60 countries.

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