Success Factors in Web 2.0 Learning Systems, Pt. 1

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What’s the secret to successfully incorporating Web 2.0 into an organization or learning system?

As in any learning system, guidance essential. The most imaginative, productive and efficient methods of Web 2.0 internalization come from the users themselves, but they require some help to scale. As the McKinsey writers tell us, “the transformation to a bottom-up culture needs help from the top.” Senior executives often take on the roles of informal leaders and role models for trainees using Web 2.0 technologies to collaborate in an LMS or online training platform.

Another piece of advice the writers give is that executives should watch and see what’s working, and then scale it up. Too often, managers try to impose their own concepts of how Web 2.0 technologies should be used in a learning system. This may fulfill a certain need and perform a specific function, but will not help advance the use of these technologies.

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