Speech in LMS Training and Group Collaboration

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Speech in LMS Training and Group CollaborationImplementing video and audio tools in your LMS-hosted training course is one way to capture your learner’s attention, as well as their trust. Organize chats on your LMS, or implement videos. LMSs like Coggno offer features like video and audio tools, and 3D worlds, including Second Life, are also increasingly audio-based.

In the past, the communication between players on virtual worlds was limited to text. For some people that was the ideal medium of communication, allowing them to take on avatar identities and not break the illusion by adding voice. However, a study by Dmitri Williams, a communications professor at Urbana-Champaign, showed that World of Warcraft players who used test-only chat experienced “drops in trust and happiness” amongst their fellow players, while those who used voice chat did not. The emotional signal of voice and tone is critical in establishing online relationships and trust.


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