Software-Based VoIP and Your LMS

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Software-Based VoIP and Your LMSUnlike subscription/hardware-based services, software-based VoIP services are popular and available to people in all countries, making them a good system for LMS users overseas. Software-based services are free when LMS users call from computer to computer, anywhere in the world. All you need is to download and install the software, register for a free account, and talk using your earphones and microphone.

Some pros are its user-friendliness, video tools, free international calls, and accessibility. Cons include the necessity of a computer, charges for calling to and from regular phones, some quality concerns, and less security (spam, etc) than hardware-based VoIP services. Video conferencing makes this a great way for your organization’s LMS users to get to know each other. Software-based VoIP services have become a popular social networking tool.

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