Small Businesses Can Reap Great Rewards Through Online Training

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Many small businesses still view employee training as the dreaded “optional expense”, only to be relied upon when absolutely necessary. In today’s roller coaster economy, that could be viewed as sound judgement, but in reality, it is counterproductive. There are so many qualified individuals looking for work that proper training is all they need to embark on a new career path. A diamond in the rough could very well be your next star employee with the right form of guidance.

Training Should Be a Priority

According to statistics from the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), companies with fewer than 500 employees devote less time to training their employees than larger companies. Ironically, that decision ends up costing more money. Historically, smaller companies shy away from large-scale training sessions due to the expenses and time involved. But, the lack of training proves costly because employees that don’t have the knowledge to perform efficiently will cost more in the long run for things like seasonal labor and additional bodies to do jobs one person can handle. All that’s needed is proper, cost-effective guidance to ensure employees are making the contributions they are capable of.

Ability and Innovation are Key

An employee who feels valued by his or her employer is one who will do a great job. In today’s workforce it is crucial to make employees feel they are making a significant contribution, and there is no better way to ensure that than by offering quality training.

Online training gives employees the opportunity to increase their skill levels and expand their knowledge bases. When you offer an employee the opportunity to conveniently sharpen their skills either at their desks or at home, you are empowering them to travel outside their comfort zones. Effective online training will boost morale, increase profits and allow employees to reap the benefits of working for a more efficient operation. Learning allows everyone to enrich their lives, be it at work or on their own time. Regardless of where or when, it is always a good thing.

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