Simple Ways to Inject Fun into a Boring Safety Training

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Erica Caramol

When you mention the words safety training, do you hear an audible groan from your team of employees? Compliance training is a necessary part of safety for many companies, but it often feels like a hassle to complete the requirements.

Boost Employee Morale

Right now is the perfect time to change your employee’s opinions about safety training. A few simple tricks can infuse excitement and fun into these training sessions, helping to boost employee morale. Instead of people falling asleep during the training meetings, they will be sitting on the edge of their chairs fully engaged in the information.

These strategies are essential because employee morale has a direct impact on job satisfaction. If you want to improve retention, then you need to find ways to make boring activities seem fun for the group.

Fun Safety Training Tips

Here are a few methods that you might consider to spice up your training meetings:

Play a Game: A little bit of healthy competition is a great way to encourage individuals to be engaged in the training. Offer rewards set up teams to compete, and gamify the process in a way that will resonate with your team. For example, you might consider offering candy bars or a few extra hours of time off for the winning team.

Encourage Active Communication: How often do employees show up to training, and then simply zone out because they aren’t actively involved in the conversation? Instead of talking at disengaged employees, open up and invite them to join in the conversation. One method is by implementing an online training program that people can use to interact with the training material and other people in the office.

Don’t Take it So Seriously: While safety training is a serious topic, it doesn’t mean that you can’t laugh a little bit during the training meeting. Look for funny videos or pictures that are related to the subject. These things can lighten the mood and get people talking and laughing.

Multiple Forms of Learning: People learn in different ways, so you should provide opportunities that will resonate with various learning styles. Bring in props or visual aids that will capture the attention of the group. Ask people to stand up in front of the group and show how certain things work in their department.

Tell a Story: Employees will be interested in workplace safety training if they can see how the strategies apply to their situation. Sharing stories will help people to connect and pay attention to the message. At the same time, stories help the lessons to be long-lasting for each employee.

If you are having a hard time with your safety training, then it is time to apply some of these ideas to improve your training class. A few simple changes can go a long way to help your employees stay interested in the information.

Here at Coggno, we want to make it fun and easy for you to maintain compliance with required safety training. You will see that our training videos are engaging and interesting for the employees, helping to improve the skill set and morale at the same time.

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