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Self-Taught Learning ContentOne could argue that when it comes down to it, all learning is done by oneself. You can be physically present in a classroom without actually absorbing any learning content. The most successful students in high school were stamped as “over-achievers.” What did someone with this label do to warrant so much envy and bewilderment? What motivated “over-achievers” to go above and beyond the rest in their understanding of learning content?

Contrary to our misconceptions, it wasn’t that these students were particularly brilliant or that some Harvard gene swam in their blood. “Over-achievers” understand a simple concept: you are the teacher, rather than the recipient of learning content, in your own educational experience. And in your life.

Somewhere along the way, the “over-achiever” realizes that he or she isn’t merely the machine, but the one designing, driving, and tuning the car.

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