Rich and Easy LMS: Text Editor

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Coggno Inc.

Fed up with intricate, confusing text editors? The Coggno LMS Text Editor is a simple yet comprehensive tool for you to manage your text. Unique features allow you to build e-learning content. These are only a few:

•One-click text editing
•Add notes, references, etc. to your text
•Draw and import images, photo and graphic (JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG), in bulk from your library, right from your desktop; resize, drag, shape, all at the same time
•Vector graphics support
•Create a table of contents, chapters, sub-chapters, etc.
•Easily incorporate quizzes and surveys right from the text editor into your module
•Version control
•Auto save functionality

In case any doubts should arise, LMS instruction videos are always available, right on the Authors page.  To find out more about the Coggno LMS system, please visit our homepage.

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