Rich and Easy LMS: Instant SCORM Content Migration

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Coggno Inc.


Good news for instructional designers and content developers: Coggno has enhanced its LMS with instant SCORM Content Migration. Uploading training materials to Coggno has gotten simpler still.

The LMS SCORM publisher tool will provide the necessary information about the data model and its elements, as well as sample code. It can be opened, reviewed, and adapted with any basic text editor, because it was developed using HTML.

Being able to migrate all your SCORM modules instantly means all you need is one click. First, you title your module. Then, simply click the SCORM radio button. Finally, you will be able to choose which SCORM module you would like to upload from your desktop. All free, of course. And if any doubts should arise, a glossary is accessible from any point.

Just another way Coggno’s LMS facilitates your training courses.

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