Ready, Set, Tweet: Corporate Learning System Semi-Finals, Pt. 2

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By selling the sponsorship of an “ExecTweets” site to Microsoft on Monday, Twitter announced its entry to corporate marketing and learning systems.  ExecTweets is a page that compiles tweets posted by corporate executives, and features branding from Microsoft. Twitter co-founder Biz Stone wrote on a company web site that the ExecTweets learning system is operated by online advertising firm Federated Media.

“Twitter is contacted regularly by brands interested in sponsoring innovative experiences based on topics of interest,” Stone wrote. “However, our focused commitment to Twitter itself means we don’t have much time or resources to build these interesting topical experiences.”

Whether or not the deal will actually generate the amount of revenue Twitter is hoping for, the deal signals a foot in the corporate door. And possibly a greater likelihood that more LMS educators and businesses will consider trying out Twitter in their learning systems.

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