Readability in LMSs, Pt. 1

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Readability in LMSs, Pt. 1In the creation of your LMS, readability is just one important aspect. Readability refers to the ease with which an audience processes the presented information. For example, short sentences are preferable to long sentences. Syntax, or word order, is another important element. Often writers don’t realize that complex or flowery language doesn’t necessarily appeal to their audience. In a tool such as an LMS, such language is not only unnecessary, but detrimental.

Of course, how easy a text is to read depends not only on the writer, but the reader too. The reader brings with him or her reading skills, interest, previous knowledge, and motivation. The text is where you, the LMS writer, come in. Features that determine the readability of your text are style, structure, content, and design.

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