Reaching for Online Learning Systems in Times of Recession, Pt. 5

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Coggno Inc.

During a recession, businesses need to maintain a competitive edge. Online learning systems like LMS-hosted training are a cost-effective, convenient and flexible way for employers to ensure their employees are equipped with up-to-date and relevant skills and qualifications.

Online learning system platforms like Coggno offer management courses with titles such as: Empowerment and Motivation, Goal Setting and Feedback, Coaching, Managing Change, Managing Conflict, Adaptive Leadership, and Managing: Groups and Teams.

In addition, if you have your own content for employee training that you’d like to upload to a course syndicator or for use within your own company, platforms such as Coggno provide easy-to-use tools and allow for complete customization. Online learning systems are not only convenient and cost-effective, but can aid in collaborative projects and company goals.

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