Reaching for Online Learning Systems in Times of Recession, Pt. 3

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Assuming the recession continues to draw more adults to online learning systems, it will amplify an online trend that has been continuing since the Sloan Consortium began publishing its online-education reports in 2003. As of 2007–the most recently analyzed data–more than a fifth of all students enrolled in higher education learning systems were taking at least one online course. The survey defined an online course as one in which “at least 80 percent of the course content is delivered online.”

According to that same survey data, the most enthusiastic and prolific deployers of LMSs and online learning systems were two-year colleges and large public institutions. A year later, however, Sloan report author I. Elaine Allen says that public institutions are “not anticipating huge growth online anymore.” Two-year and for-profit private institutions, on the other hand, still have much untapped potential for online enrollments, says Allen.

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