Reaching for Online Learning Systems in Times of Recession, Pt. 2

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According to a recent New York Times article, higher education learning systems across America are seeing large increases in the student enrollment in online courses compared to this time last year. One college in Massachusetts, for example, is quoted as saying that enrollment for its online courses is up to 114%.

Soaring gas prices were also believed to make home learning systems an especially attractive option. The Sloan Survey of Online Learning in 2008 asserted that higher fuel costs will lead to more students selecting online training courses.

However, as gas prices have lowered, enrollments in online courses have continued to increase. I. Elaine Allen, an associate professor at Babson College and one of the report’s authors, says that online learning systems will continue to attract students for other reasons. “If you don’t have a job, lowering your gas costs is not your primary motivation for going back to school online,” she pointed out.

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