Reaching for Online Learning Systems in Times of Recession, Pt. 1

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Of course, in a time of recession, adults tend to seek shelter in higher education learning systems. Anxiety about losing one’s job or finding another one is more than enough inspiration to hit the books and better one’s marketability.

The 2008 Sloan Survey of Online Learning was released in November just as the scale of the recession was becoming clearer. The survey found that while all kinds of higher education learning systems expect high enrollment because of high unemployment, two-year and private institutions expect to increase their enrollments more than others.

Why? They tend to offer learning systems like online safety courses organized via an LMS, which are well-tailored to suit the needs of working adults. “A lot of people want to increase their skill levels or get a degree they didn’t have,” says I. Elaine Allen, an associate professor at Babson College, one of the report’s authors.

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