Practical LMS Training for Long-Term Knowledge

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Practical LMS Training for Long-Term KnowledgeFor staff members beginning new positions, or for those learning a new skill, strong training is a hugely determinative element. If your staff starts off on the right foot, they’ll have a much better chance of staying there long-term.

As a trainer, how do you ensure that a short-term element is transformed into long-term one? How do you transform short-term knowledge into practice and ultimately, habit?

Using learning management system training courses, transferring knowledge from the short-term memory to long-term is a process easily facilitated. One of the most effective ways to help learners absorb course material is through repetitive review.

Here’s an analogy. Although you have probably parked your car in hundreds of places throughout your lifetime, you probably remember easily enough where it is each time you go to find it. And you just as easily forget where it was parked after you no longer need to find it there.

However, if one day you parked your car in a specific place in the parking lot, and then walked by it several times throughout that particular day, you might remember for days or even weeks where it was on that day.

This is a simple strategy for helping learners put course content into their long term memory. When your trainees learn something new, try to review the main points on the same day. Ask them to take notes on the learning management system material, and allow them to refer back to them as they practice.

Throughout the training course, ask your learners to complete activities, quizzes and case studies to test and practice applying their knowledge. End each module with a quiz which helps students remember all the material included in that section, and upon completing the course, include a final exam to prompt further practice.

Coggno’s features combined with the robust applications integrated with Coggno’s LMS, such as BB FlashBack screen recordings and Rapid Intake Unison, provide a powerful course development toolkit packed with simple and versatile options for making learning stick.

Coggno is now offering a free trial for online course creators on its learning management system. Create an online course for free, either for internal use, Coggno’s E-learning Marketplace, or for outside syndication on hundreds of websites.

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