Podcasting with Coggno’s Learning Management System

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Podcasting with Coggno's Learning Management SystemSomewhere in our attic, I still have a stash of tiny tapes. They’re recordings of my favorite professors’ lectures, as well as talks given by guest speakers. In the same box, I’m sure, is my little tape recorder, back when digital recording gadgets weren’t as cheap as they are today. Years later, I wish I had those lectures on my iPod. Instead I listen to public radio programs and other podcasts as I walk or take the subway.

If your learning material is ready for uploading to a learning management system, you might consider creating podcasts for your learners. Coggno’s learning management system, complete with the Apple Podcast Producer, allows you to record, upload, and convert your own learning content into a podcast. Our learning management system is fully integrated with Apple software, and podcasts are just one convenient Apple tool for distributing your instructional material.


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