Pedagogical Perspectives in LMS Courses: 4) Gilly Salmon’s 5-Stage Model

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Pedagogical Perspectives in LMS Courses: 4) Gilly Salmon's 5-Stage ModelGilly Salmon is another e-learning pioneer who developed a model applicable to your LMS. The first 2 stages in Salmon’s model emphasize the acclimatization of learners to the online environment, and the creation of a supportive social environment. Salmon suggests a range of LMS-based activities, which she calls “E-tivities,” that serve as ice-breakers to make users comfortable with one another. The third stage is the “information exchange,” which involves learners interacting with course materials and online activities, and providing each other with more resources. This involves the use of threads, discussion forums, and online conferences facilitated by your LMS. Next is “knowledge construction,” where learners collaborate to share ideas and challenge one another, posing problems and asking questions. The fifth stage is characterized by reflection. A model that is so strongly peer-based may be a positive pedagogical approach in a workplace or school environment. 

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