Pedagogical Perspectives in LMS Courses: 2) Instructional Design

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Pedagogical Perspectives in LMS Courses: 2) Instructional DesignInstructional Design is an approach we’ve all experienced: the curriculum-based format in which the teacher dispenses information. Former posts discussed problems with traditional classroom pedagogy, and how these days, and especially with LMS-based courses, there’s a greater emphasis on student interaction with course material. While this shift has opened new educational possibilities, there’s still much to be said for straightforward lectures, which lay the framework for students to work their way through the information.

In your LMS-based course, you can present lectures in a number of ways. Lecture notes can be laid out on a web page, in a downloadable packet, or presented via audio or video. Links to related resources and other websites can be inserted. Short, to-the-point lectures providing links provide a lesson that both informs LMS users about the key points, and aids them in finding related information.

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