Open Source Learning Management Systems with Significant User Bases

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Popular Open Source Learning Management Systems

There is a number of widely-used open source learning management systems, all suitable for different purposes. Three such platforms are Claroline, Ilias and Moodle, though the list goes on.

Claroline, used in more than 80 countries and available in over 30 languages, is a free learning management system providing easy course creation, with an assortment of features including a private document repository, beneficial for groups. One complaint is limited customization options. Ilias is a web-based learning management system and collaboration platform, which provides a dizzying array of functions, which can be called either positive or negative. Then there’s Moodle, which is nice and easy for beginners, and able to maintain advanced tools like wikis, a glossary, assignments, and lessons without infringing on the quality of its interface. One complaint is poorly designed documentation.

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