Online Religious Learning Content, Pt. 2

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Online Religious Learning Content, Pt. 2Why is online religious learning content so popular? The practice of religion is deeply imbedded in our social fabric. Therefore, any changes to that fabric–especially one as all-encompassing as the internet–is destined to influence the practice of religion. B.E. Brasher, author of Give Me That Online Religion, wrote: “Each generation must articulate ideas of the divine that are credible, that are meaningful against the backdrop of the socio-cultural landscape of the day for the sacred to have substance.”

The longing for expression of the transcendent is timeless. It will continue to make people search for a way to express the divine in an organized, communal manner. Online religious learning content and organizations probably won’t take the place of face-to-face communities of faith. But the availability of online religious learning content and communities is bound to reach a growing number of people worldwide.

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