Online Courseware Mobility and the Hi-Tech Faux Pas

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Whether you’re an online courseware student or a company trainee, your social and professional life is largely dependent on your cell phone. Living without a cell phone has become anomalous in the western world. If you’ve simply chosen not to own one, the people around you are probably baffled or think you’re strange. They assume that you have no social life to speak of.

Some day very soon, I suspect, it will seem bafflingly odd to be without mobile internet access. The inability to read online courseware or check your email while sitting on the subway will be the new technological faux pas. But the lack of web access will probably hold bigger consequences. Our heavy dependence on the internet for everything from online courseware to VoIP communication to world news, will generate new needs when that dependence becomes a mobile one. Of course, conveniences quickly become necessities in a hi-tech world.

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