Not Just for Kids: Learning Management System Quiz

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Not Just for Kids: Learning Management System QuizLet’s say you’re a business designing your learning management system, and you want to use Coggno to train your employees with maximum efficiency. You understand that Coggno’s Quiz Creator helps ensure that students are keeping on top of the content. But you keep in mind that you’re not dealing with middle-schoolers. Aren’t quizzes a learning tool for young learners only? In a learning management system geared to train adults, wouldn’t it be better to stick with other keep-you-on-your-toes tools, like interactive simulations? 

The fact is that what works for young learners usually works for adults as well. Interspersing quizzes throughout the learning content, in conjunction with other assessment methods in your learning management system, will strengthen the effectiveness of your learning plan and enhance your workplace learning environment.  

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