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Simple and effective LMS training on both managerial roles and staff mentoring strategies are a huge asset to organizations. Mentoring helps to naturalize the kind of staff communication and dialogue which will ultimately benefit your organization’s bottom line.

The Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement relates not only to your entire organization and relations between managers and staff, but it also applies to your employees themselves. One important managerial duty is to aid in the professional development of your staff. As a manager and/or Learning Management System training administrator, how can you aid staff development?

One idea is to match your staff with senior staff members, and create a time and space for dialogue. Call a meeting or simply send an email letting staff know that mentoring is being offered. Inform them that they will be matched with an in-house mentor who will meet with them to help them plan to reach their career goals. Encourage employees to consider what they would like to develop, and remind senior staff members that they can also benefit from the mentoring relationship from the introduction to new ideas which are often stimulated by a junior colleague’s fresh outlook and approach.

The meetings can be informal dialogues over lunch or coffee. These provide a space for senior and junior staff members to exchange past experiences and future goals, generating the flow of a fresh exchange of ideas. It doesn’t matter how long or often the meetings take place, but that both parties learn something from the other and dialogue is opened up.

LMS training on mentoring practices may be a great asset to your organization. Senior staff mentoring can strengthen communication, generate new ideas, and promote a more satisfying and positive work environment.

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