Life as Learning System: Transferable Skills, Pt. 4

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Have you ever worked in a collaborative professional or learning system environment? If so, you probably have a few solid human relations skills. These might include: developing rapport, being sensitive, listening, conveying feelings, providing support for others, motivating, sharing credit, counseling, cooperating, delegating with respect, representing others, perceiving feelings and situations, and asserting oneself.

Organization, management and leadership skills include: initiating new ideas, handling details, coordinating tasks, managing groups, delegating responsibility, conducting a learning system, coaching, counseling, promoting change, selling ideas or products, decision making with others, and managing conflict.

Finally, work survival skills refer to the day-to-day skills which help in promoting effective production and work satisfaction. They include implementing decisions, cooperating, enforcing policies, being punctual, managing time, attending to detail, meeting goals, enlisting help in a project or learning system, accepting responsibility, setting and meeting deadlines, organizing, and making decisions.

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