Life as Learning System: Transferable Skills, Pt. 3

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Have you completed an online learning system and are ready to begin your job search? Do a little brainstorming before resume-writing or interviewing. Most people have a wealth of transferable skills under their belts that they don’t even realize they have. If you’ve ever held a job or undergone any type of learning system (just about everyone!) you’ve probably picked up a host of skills that may be applicable to your new job.

One transferable skill is communication, which includes things like: writing concisely, speaking effectively, expressing ideas, facilitating group discussion, providing appropriate feedback, negotiating, perceiving nonverbal messages, persuading, reporting information, describing feelings, interviewing, and editing.

Another is researching and planning, which includes: forecasting and predicting, creating ideas, identifying and solving problems, imagining alternatives, identifying resources, gathering information, setting goals, extracting important information, defining needs, analyzing, and developing evaluation strategies. Take out a piece of paper and make a mind map of your professional and learning system experiences. Maximize your professional marketability.

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