Lessons in Driving and LMS Pedagogy

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In designing online training or other adult LMS courseware, close your eyes and remember the last time you really learned something. When was the last time you dug your nails into learning something complicated, be it a work-related LMS course or a more personal endeavor, like learning to play the guitar?


If nothing comes to mind right away, try to recall learning how to drive. It’s something most of us have at least vague memories of, and perhaps a few moments in particular. I myself remember almost all of it (how could I forget?). The thrill, the sense of possibility and anticipation of new experiences—and, inevitably, the frustrations.


Luckily, my mother was a good sport (and apparently enjoyed living dangerously) and took me out driving. She suffered months and months of practice. I remember panicking at intersections, cutting drivers off, and being told to take it slow, relax, over and over.

The very first time I got behind a wheel, my father took me to an abandoned lot and we drove in circle after circle. I remember thinking as I tried to maneuver around cones while practicing parellel parking: I am never going to be able to do this. And indeed, it took me quite a while to learn to drive.


Like driving or any other skill, everyone learns at their own pace. But none of us is born with the ability to drive or play the guitar, and that’s where pedagogical strategies enter into play—and your own knowledge and expertise as an LMS course creator. Repetition and practice may be the only ways for knowledge to be truly digested in LMS online safety training courses. The challenge lies in working repetition into your course in an effective and engaging fashion.


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