Learning Management System Use of Device-Based VoIP

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Learning Management System Use of Device-Based VoIP

A great alternative for your learning management system communication is device-based VoIP providers. As with hardware-based VoIP providers, learning management system users can use their normal phone. A few VoIP devices available are PhoneGnome, Ooma, and MagicJack.

PhoneGnome was one of the first device-based providers. One convenient PhoneGnome plan is the “PhoneGnome for Business,” which provides a “virtual receptionist” to its users. Using this system, calls are answered and directed professionally and efficiently to any person, anywhere in the world. Ooma is a more expensive version of PhoneGnome, with some additional benefits. You buy the Ooma device once, and never pay again for the service. MagicJack is relatively cheap, but requires a small annual fee.


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