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Alex Strømme, biologist and professor in science education and university pedagogy, discussed his use of a learning management system in his classes at the 14th International Conference on Technology Supported Learning and Training. Implementing an LMS changed everything for his teaching. “Being a university teacher for over 15 years, the introduction of the LMS suddenly made me a better teacher, and my students became better students as well,” he said.

Add the capabilities of videos, and a learning management system offers a world of potential for preparing students for upcoming classes and keeping them engaged with the class material. For his biology course, for example, Strømme created short, 5-minute videos in which he presented the upcoming topic, as well as recapped previous topics. He ended each video with questions meant to encourage students to consult their textbooks and invest more time in preparing for the next class. With a little creativity, a learning management system can be used to greatly enhance student engagement.


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