Language Acquisition Potential in Learning Management Systems

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Language Acquisition Potential in Learning Management SystemsOnline language courses run by learning management systems can be quite successful, despite some critiques. First of all, one could argue that online language courses address all kinds of problems facing school systems today: limited language course offerings, language teacher shortages, lack of interest in language acquisition, the increase of home-schooling, absence of AP classes in some areas, poor teacher quality, lack of physical space, and lack of funding. Unfortunately, schools budgeters turn their eyes away from not only the arts, but also languages when it’s necessary to make cuts. 

In addition, courses hosted on learning management systems can boost the self-esteem of shy language users, if they’re able to interact with the program in order to express themselves in the language. Language learning management systems that take advantage of applications like threads, group chats, and instant messaging would benefit learners tremendously.

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