Is the Web 2.0 Learning System a Fad?

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Is the Web 2.0 Learning System a Fad?Recently, there has been talk of Web 2.0’s informal learning capabilities as a learning system being a fad, because it’s not the mainstream methodology of learning. However, as more people hear about it (and not everybody has yet!), more people will adopt it, whether as a learning system or as a way to enhance the way their entertainment and networking. Our culture does seem to be supporting it. And while not everyone in the corporate world may be using Web 2.0 or may not be completely satisfied with it, other sections of the world’s population have been using it to their advantage in various ways, across generations and continents.

I think it’s too soon to tell whether this new learning system is a fad. But, weren’t technophiles telling us back in the ‘90s that the Internet would be a fad? I seem to remember that.

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