Internet Classrooms: A Controversial Learning System?

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Racist Learning SystemWebsites abound today instructing teachers how to enhance their materials online, and many benefit from remote education and copious new educational resources. But is this learning system discriminatory?

According to the US Census Bureau, in 2003, 73% of Asians had computers in their household, while 64% of whites, 45% of African Americans, and 44% of Hispanics did. Of these, 67% of Asians had internet access, while 57% of whites, 36% of African Americans and 36% of Hispanics did.

Is it fair to infer that an internet-based learning system is racist? Should those privileged with internet access at home, then, not take advantage?

The privileged individuals are just the group with an extra resource to help highlight and deconstruct these racial divides, these socioeconomic imbalances. Internet classrooms have the potential to become a revolutionary deconstructive learning system, in every way.

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