How to Effectively Manage Employees Near and Far

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How to Effectively Manage Employees Near and FarAgha Hasan Abedi, founder of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, said it well: “The conventional definition of management is getting work done through people, but real management is developing people through work.” Of course, investing in your people does produce results and is the only way to generate larger profits for your company. But there’s a world of benefits beyond the most immediate effects of good performance management.

Helping your people to develop their skills and contribute in a more meaningful way to the goals of the organization is a skill in itself. A skill you might find it time to cultivate for yourself.

Performance management and outsourcing relationship management (ORM) are two skills that lend themselves to the structure and style of learning management system courses. Learning management system (LMS) courses in performance management and ORM help organizations to avoid the failure that often occurs in both outsourced and in-house relationships.

As a manager, you might feel you know and understand your employees because of the daily interactions you have with them. Perhaps you share lunch time, borrow a stapler, or chat while getting coffee in the office. However, how much time do you dedicate to real feedback and open dialogue which nurtures a sense of trust? The most important thing to remember about good management is that it is a skill, not a natural talent that managers either have or don’t. It involves creating a two-way relationship with each employee, based on trust and mutual respect–which are cultivated not with charm but with simple methods you can easily implement.

On the other hand, you may be struggling to effectively manage your outsourcing strategy. Oftentimes organizations jump into outsourcing without first familiarizing management with ORM strategies. LMS courses in performance management and ORM can prevent failure before it starts to manifest.

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