How To Best Develop Your Employees’ Skills

Erica Caramol


You’ve read all the white papers and gone to all the seminars, and you’re still puzzled about how to ensure your employees have the best possible skill sets. Well-hones skills will help employees advance your business, as well as their careers.

Here are some tips that will help bring employees along, and keep their development on-track with the goals you want your business to achieve:

Consider Your Business Goals:

Before you set objectives for employees, you should try to align their development plan with your company’s needs. Otherwise, you and your employees’ efforts could be at cross-purposes. You want everyone swimming in the same direction.

Talk To Your Employees:

Don’t just assume you know your employees’ skill level and career aspirations.If possible, have a face-to-face discussion with each of your employees to get a better understanding of what their career goals are, and how they think they can accomplish them. Some of your employees may already have a career path in mind. But many times, they don’t know how to get started. By talking to them, you can work together to figure out what role your business plays in this plan as well as what opportunities you can offer them.

Decide Which Skills Your Employees Need:

Once you’ve looked at each of your employees’ abilities and experience, as well as your company’s needs, it’s time to decide which skills each person needs to acquire.Be sure to your employees’ goals are specific and well thought out. It’s much more difficult to measure an employee’s progress when their objectives are too broad or seem unattainable.

Create An Action Plan:

Now that you know what the objectives are, it’s time to figure out how your employee will go about achieving them. Consider online training along with a combination of other activities including formal training, reading, working directly with subject matter experts, one-on-one coaching and mentoring, and visits to institutions that offer specific development opportunities.

Apply the New Skills:

You’re spending a considerable amount of time and money on helping your employees improve their skills. To get your greatest possible return on investment, your employees need to then be able to put those new skills to work for your organization.

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