Higher Learning System Indoctrination

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Higher Learning System IndoctrinationOftentimes in higher education learning systems, course material is either interrupted or completely saturated by professors’ personal views. But when the New York Times posed the question, “How much influence do you think professors have over their students’ political views?” the responses varied greatly.

Some responded with fears that 18-year-olds just beginning a higher learning system are easy targets for indoctrinating professors. But a more moderate respondent noted that most teachers quickly learn not to expect students to agree with their personal views just because they’re learning system authority figures. Therefore, the teacher’s best move is to just focus on the learning material and leave politics out. “Nonetheless,” he continued, “students quickly figure out where you stand and as long as you don’t berate them with your opinions, they accept you for who you are. Such mutual acceptance is key to a good learning environment.”


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