Good Things Come to Those Who Study: LMS-Delivered Courses

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Since the beginning of the recession in December 2007, following the home mortgage meltdown, Americans have responded in various ways. Some have decided now’s the time to sharpen their skills with online courseware or training via an LMS, or to reassess their goals. Others have been caught in limbo, biding time, and hoping to ride it out.

Yesterday President Obama called on the American people to have patience and trust that the economic downturn will pass. “We’ll recover from this recession,” he said. “But it will take time, it will take patience.”

Patience is a good idea, of course. However, waiting might not be.

As Violet Fane wrote centuries ago: “Ah, all things come to those who wait, (I say these words to make me glad), But something answers soft and sad, They come, but often come too late.”

Choosing not to act–whether it be not enrolling in university or LMS-hosted courses, or not making a major life decision–isn’t always best. And missing out on great opportunities is the likeliest outcome of inaction.

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